This is a submission for Mini Jam 79.

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Congratulations, you just obtained a frog toy from a capsule toy machine after wasting 8 bucks of your weekly allowance! Now, you wonder, what can you do with it? Well, obviously, make an obstacle course and test your luck by flicking to the finish line!

How to play

This game solely use the mouse and doesn't work with touchscreens / tablets.

To move the ball, you flick it by clicking on it, then aim, and lastly release to launch it. Just like a typical game of billiards!

You can use the scroll wheel to zoom in/out.

Stuff Used

Game written in C# with the Unity engine. Frog (and its capsule) was modelled in Blender and it uses the beautiful Endesga 32 colour palette as its texture. 

In addition, The platform textures are taken from Kenney's Prototype Textures (CC0) and the fonts used are Nunito Fonts (OFL).

No music nor sound in this game, sadly but honestly, I think that's something you would rather not have while playing this ... thing for a long time. Just play something that helps you relax.


Thanks for checking out my entry for Mini Jam. This is actually the first time I participate in a game jam and hope to do more regularly in the future :)

This game is fairly open ended, anything goes as long as you're not cheating.

Lastly, I'm sorry for those who have wasted their time trying to finish this sadistic spawn of satan game. Post your time with screenshot for proof below.


Frogball (Windows 32-bit) 21 MB
Frogball (Linux 64-bit) 19 MB

Install instructions

The web version should work fine. If not, feel free to download the native builds below.

Simply extract the archive, run the executable and you should be good to go!


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kinda tricky

gah, i should have taken four more seconds

Nice, sad that you didn't get 13:37 :P