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There's a surprising lack of fonts/sprite sheets that are similar to the ones you find from character ROMs you find on old-school computers (i.e PETSCII on Commodore computers, the "BIOS" font found on IBM PC and compatibles). Let's change that!

About this font

This sprite sheet is made using ASCII Bitmap Font "Oldschool" by domsson on OpenGameArt (CC0) as a starting point. In addition to the really nice and clear text provided by the source, various 'graphics' symbols found on PETSCII / BIOS font mentioned previously.

128 unique characters!

This font is 1-bit, 8x8 pixels and contains 128 unique characters (+ 128 characters, if you count their inversed version).

Legal stuff

This font is released under the public domain (CC0). Feel free to use it on your personal projects! No attribution/credits needed but always appreciated :)

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Oldskool PC (Asesprite) 2 kB
Oldskool PC (PNG) 2 kB

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