Welcome to Qubi Research Program

Fellow contributor,

First off, we would like to thank you for taking part in this project and believing our only goal of providing humanity with ground breaking innovation.

You have been granted access to the experimental software. Please login with the same credentials you used during registration.

Due to the experimental nature of the software, we would like to remind you to be aware of bugs, freezes, and crashes that might happen.

One of which that are reported by multiple contributors is the instability of the software when left in the background. It is reported that when the software is in this state, all progress made will be lost.

Your compensation is immediate and it is calculated on the progress you have made during the work day. You're awarded with welcome credit as a token of our appreciation for your voluntary participation in the program.

Due to various constraints, it is required for your account to be in good standing or your participation in the program will be terminated.

If you need further assistance, feel free to send us an email at research@qubi.tld.

- Qubi Research Support Team


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