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Beaten my record! :D

Great game! I love the visuals of the game and especially the unique controls

'Far as I'll go tonight, without sacrificing mon sommeil.... nice game! 😌

Now y'might intend to keep it sweet and simple, but as a roguelike fan I'd actually love to see an upgrade system here —aand to throw out one original idea: big giant fucking laser attachment! (..or something a bit more toned down)

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I was actually thinking about implementing something like that where every time (or rather every X time) you die, you can upgrade your vessel. Similar to where it gives you options of upgrades every time you die.

But I couldn't really think of any upgrades that wouldn't break the flow / "brutal" nature of the game.

This is my best time which I got from testing the game. I don’t think I can reach it again.