RELATIVE is a unique take to the familiar 2D puzzle platformer genre.


Left Arrow / ALeft D-Pad / Left StickMove Left
Right Arrow / DRight D-Pad / Left StickMove Right
Down Arrow / SDown D-Pad / Left StickDuck
EnterStartStart / Respawn


This game is made using the Godot Engine along with Aseprite and SFXR

Uses BitmapTextureFont by Digital-Sin and Noise Lines by Thomas Zucx.

Known Bugs

If you're having audio or controller issues while playing the Web version, please try playing the desktop version instead.


Relative (Windows, x86_64) [Update 1] 34 MB
Relative (Linux, x86_64) [Update 1] 36 MB
Reactive Manual [Update 1]
Relative (Windows, x86_64) [Original Release] 13 MB
Relative (Linux, x86_64) [Original Release] 14 MB
Relative Manual [Original Release]

Development log


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(1 edit)

Just finally fully beat the game on the previous game version (the non "improved" one).

I didnt feel it too bad, even though about 2 jumps were surely possible but jsut a bit... nasty.
like for example the jump where you headbutt and have to cross 2 tiles of void.

but nothing too special.

on a more serious note you can softlock yourself in one of the last special area on the right there.
not sure if not intentional though :-D
but yeah, jsut saying, if not intended and not yet fixed, now you know.

otherwise, good game!

Edit: I have come to wonder:
How DID you get feedback on how to create a "better" version?
Cause I have literally jsut written the first comment on the game, at least it looks like that on my computer :-)


Thanks for the comment!

Some of the jumps are truly nasty but that's mainly because I thought the game was too easy, when in reality, that's really not the case!

I couldn't find a place where you can get yourself softlocked but I'll just leave it in the game :^)

For the last question, this game is a submission to a game jam and there are comments on the ranking page where people said the game is very difficult. In addition, I've sent link to the game to friends when it was released and it was also a common feedback. 

sure, the game is pretty short anyways, so a softlock aint really a big thing anyways.
a suicide button might ficx this but whatever.

thought it might even be intentional since that place obviously is an inexcapable deadend.
jsut went in there nonetheless cause you never know what you might find :-D
which was nothing in this case and a quick game restart was needed.

I am pretty used to any kinds of jumps, so I had no big issues with them.
I like that you basically respawn at the start of every screen, no super on parkour parts with no checkpoint.
and especialy no finite lives system, cause such really su cks when you play a game, died for example a total of 10 times.
and games restarts from beginning cause it only gives you like 10 lives total.

but I am digressing, as said, good game.
gotta take a look what other games you have there for me to play :-)